About Sparadise Spa

We live in the financial hub of the country, which is widely marked by its fast, busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle, making relaxing services more important than ever.

Sparadise Spa is not just another spa, but is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, where we cater to the outer well-being of an individual, which is as important as a calm inner state.

Inspired by time honoured therapies for beauty and wellness - Sparadise Spa takes highest of pride in being one of the best "divine wellness" that offers uplifting ambience and rejuvenating therapies that holistically works towards refreshing you physiologically and psychologically.

With its modish interiors, soft and soothing music, positive aura, and enthralling aroma; Sparadise embraces you to its warm and serene surroundings. It is a palace of relaxing, beautiful energy and divine calm, where you are not only treated like a royal, but are also transformed into one!

We have a choice of beauty and wellness therapies that combine scientific expertise and pleasure of the senses, to soothe, pamper and rejuvenate you from head to toe. Each therapy is customised to suit the individual’s lifestyle, body and mind.

With a team of professionally trained therapists, medicated oils that blend natural herbs and special ingredients, we revive the age old practice of holistic wellness with scientific principles of spa therapies to deliver an absolutely blissful experience at Sparadise.

You can choose from a range of treatments including body therapy, body scrub, foot therapy and facial - using superior techniques, natural products and luxurious amenities - to give you truly healing and relaxing experience.