What makes Sparadise different from the other Spas?

With a mission to create a stress-free and healthy India - Sparadise Spa is one of the only places that invests in the well-being of its customers. This is further honoured by our well-trained therapists, scientifically-proven spa therapies and affordable prices.

That said, what stands Sparadise apart from the rest - is our values and discipline that force us to focus all our efforts, down to the last detail. We strive very hard and divert all its energy to offer you the best of the best, making it almost impossible for you to find anything close.

Focused Benefits
Our offerings are uniquely designed to ensure focused benefits to the health of our consumers, and more specifically targets boosting energy, pain relief, anxiety relief, fatigue reduction, immunity, detoxification and so on.

Value of time
To ensure that your time is not wasted, every room has shower and steam facility installed inside the rooms, reducing the wait at our abode.

Quality, Cleanliness & Hygiene
Not only do we maintain high standards for our quality and products (certified products only), but are also very particular about maintaining a strict hygiene. This applies to all the staffing and all the products used. You will never find a product being repeated.

Well-trained Therapists
All the therapists first undergo a rigorous training process at our in-house spa training academy to mould them into our standards, techniques and values. It is only after this process, are any of our therapists, permitted to go on field.

Aside these, what you can also be sure of is that....

  • Spa is our passion, and we take immense pride in what we do
  • We create innovative tailor-made spa and wellness concepts and solutions
  • Our training and operational support is unmatchable
  • We put all our heart and mind in what we do, to combine the business with our healing knowledge