Top Secrets of Mind-Body Therapies

Mind playing a major role in the wellness and good health of the body is an ancient concept. Mind-body therapies have had great significance even in the present times influenced by the miraculous results that had allowed patients to get rid of various diseases and attain mental and physical wellness. Mind and body practices are a large group of diverse…


Weekly Massage

Health benefits of weekly massage therapy Massages are usually believed to be a luxury to be reserved for the rich! They are usually looked upon for relaxation, for energy, for relieving tension at different places of your body, etc. However, not many are aware of the kind of benefits it has on your health that goes beyond simply soothing aches…


Sports Massage Therapy

How can sports massage therapy be beneficial to everyone? What is sports massage therapy? Sports massage is a therapy that is specially designed to focus on reducing the pain in certain parts of the body often caused due to, too much physical activity. Although this type of massage was originally developed to serve athletes as a method to prevent and…


Swedish massage

Swedish Massage: a great therapy for your parents and elders! Every massage treatment has its own benefits that are best suited for specific age groups. Let’s take for instance a Swedish massage therapy! This therapy is said to be a great introductory massage that works on your complete body that begins with your stomach, moves to your back and eventually…


Massages that will get you refreshed this monsoon

Massages are truly healing and relaxing experiences that help your body and mind in different ways. People visit a spa for various reasons – reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, pamper themselves and promote overall beauty and wellness. But things are different during the monsoon season. Nobody likes to step outside the house during monsoon unless it’s important. The climate…


Mother Daughter Day

Spa day: Time for some mother-daughter bonding! Don’t you think your amazing mom deserves something they will really truly love and enjoy this Mother’s Day? But is there really a way to thank mom for everything she’s done for you? Flowers? Chocolates? Card? These are so overdone, and would only ruin it for her! This is the woman who gave…


Spa Service

First time at a spa? Here are some of the options you should opt for! We live in the financial hub of the country, which is marked by its fast, busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle, making relaxing services extremely important. And what’s better than a good massage at a spa to help you take charge of your health and well-being?…


Deep Tissue Massage

Why should sports or deep tissue massage be a part of your regular workout We live in the financial hub of the country, which is widely marked by its fast, busy, stressful and hectic lifestyle, making relaxing services more important than ever. Massages come as a huge relief for the people who lead such lives. That said, while most people…


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