Swedish Massage: a great therapy for your parents and elders!

Every massage treatment has its own benefits that are best suited for specific age groups. Let’s take for instance a Swedish massage therapy! This therapy is said to be a great introductory massage that works on your complete body that begins with your stomach, moves to your back and eventually over your shoulders, arms, lower back and then legs.

What’s more is that Swedish massage therapies are considered to be a great alternative form of medicine rather than just a luxury spa treatment. They have several benefits for your body that go beyond increasing circulation, relaxing tense muscles, and giving an overall feeling of well-being. Not just that, but it is also used for several medical practices to help patients recover from various conditions.

Here are some of the health benefits a Swedish massage offer…

  1. It is a non-invasive and enjoyable massage is that works towards alleviating the symptoms of many age-related diseases and improve the quality of life.
  2. The movements and strokes performed during the Swedish therapy, warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle knots or adhesions.
  3. It can provide deep relief from various types of muscle tensions and overall discomfort such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure, etc for senior citizens.
  4. By reducing the tension causing that stiffness and feeling of knots in your back, allowing the muscles to relax and become less strained, and increasing the blood flow to the area, a Swedish massage therapy from an expert can help in reducing and fighting the back pain.
  5. A Swedish massage therapy can help in improving the range of motion by stimulating the joints and muscles and relieving the tension in joints and connecting tissue. By reducing the stiffness and relaxing the muscles, it also increases the flexibility of your joints, resulting in easier movement.
  6. By stimulating the lymphatic system (body’s primary defense against viruses, bacteria, other pathogens, and other unhealthy substances) in the body, a Swedish massage works at strengthening the immune system of the body.
  7. Muscle cramps are long muscle contractions that cause sharp pain, which often is caused by an electrolyte imbalance which happens when your body is overheated. A Swedish massage therapy from the right expert also works at reducing the cramping of your muscles and its pain and helps it relax as well.
  8. A Swedish massage triggers the release of a neurotransmitter called serotonin that can help you calm down significantly. This, in turn, helps you in sleeping quicker and better; thus, allowing you to feel fresh the next day.
  9. By improving the overall circulation of blood through your body, a Swedish massage reduces the stress, pain, exhaustion and improves the sleep, which makes us feel better. All these, in turn, re-energize the body!

All in All, these collectively make Swedish massage a perfect match for your parents and elders for a healthier life!

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