City dwellers like us are often exhausted and drained mentally and physically due to the difficult work-life balance and lifestyle we follow. However, we suggest you take a break from the routine by opting for a luxury spa holiday availing for different types of spa treatments for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Detach yourself from the monotony of life and pamper yourself with some amazing spa therapy. Unwind from the stresses of daily life by opting for a spa getaway that offers a range of massage body therapy. Let the spa therapy ease all the muscle tension and promote good health. In this article today, we have elaborately discussed the types and benefits of body spa treatment that one can enjoy on a spa holiday.

Acupressure massage is a therapy that uses the technique of applying finger pressure on specific pressure points to heal the affected area. It is typically a massage spa therapy that helps reduce pain. The technique involves using fingertips, palm, elbow, or even feet to apply firm pressure on certain body parts or acupoint to encourage blood flow and promote healing. This type of massage is said to be an excellent therapy that helps relax mind, body and provides good relief from any sort of pain. It is a type of body massage that helps relax a muscle, overcome pain, reduce tension and stress. This massage therapy also helps in healing of injuries and is hence recommended for those having severe body pain.

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage-
Abdominal or stomach massage is another type of body massage that uses the technique of applying pressure to the abdomen and pelvic areas. This is typically a non-invasive treatment that helps treat various issues pertaining to digestion, gas, period cramp, hormonal imbalance, constipation, bladder issue to name a few. The massage has a healing effect that helps improve digestion, regulates bowel movements, promotes blood circulation and oxygen generation. Over and above that, the massage, in general, helps relax your body, deal with severe pain, and muscle tension. Even with just 5 minutes of a good abdominal massage session, one can benefit a lot from it.

Thai Massage-
A Thai massage is an ancient form of massage therapy that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a traditional form of body therapy which involves a classic combination of acupressure, stretching pulling and body rocking technique. In this form of massage, the therapist uses feet, knees, elbows, thumbs and palm for the whole-body massage, typically targeting the affected areas of the body. It is a massage that reaches to the deeper tissues and muscles of the body. This type of body massage is highly recommended for people looking to treat their shoulder, back or any muscular pain, or neck stiffness. Other than providing relief to muscle and joint pain, they are said to provide many more clinical benefits to the body. Practitioners claim that a good one-hour session of Thai massage regularly can improve the blood circulation in the whole body and also improve spinal alignment and range of body motions.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy-
Similar to the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage therapy is a type of body massage that focuses on the deep layers of tissues and muscles in the body. The massage technique involves applying pressure with slow strokes to the deep muscles and tissues in parts or areas affected in the body. This type of therapy is recommended for people suffering from chronic pain or dealing with injuries and looking for quick recovery. Using fingertips, elbows or palm, the therapist provides massage directly on the affected area causing the pain or inflammation, for better recovery. This type of massage is typically said to be beneficial for chronic muscle pain, improving sports injuries, help lower spasm, improve muscle stiffness and even treat symptoms of arthritis. It is the best body spa treatment that offers healing benefits to people who undergo the massage.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful healing treatment which is often adopted for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. As the name suggests the therapy involves using aromatic essentials like oil, essence and other compounds that help in promoting the physical and psychological well-being of an individual. The massage technique adopted includes using long strokes and kneading method with essential aromatic oil derived from natural plants and flowers. The lovely smelling oil used in massage absorbs into the skin and spreads a good aroma which is very relaxing. It is an excellent therapy for calming mind and body, stress relief and deep relaxation. The therapy helps treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions, including stress, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure to name a few.

Ayurvedic massage is a part of the larger ayurvedic treatment which involves using massage and bodywork techniques with oil and music to balance mind, body and soul. It is a very soothing therapy that helps relax mind, body and calms your nerves. The massage technique which focuses on pressure points and use of oil promotes better health. The technique used for this massage therapy increases blood circulation which not only stimulates internal organs but also smoothens skin and reduces quick ageing. It is a type of body massage that helps in cleansing and detoxification. This, in turn, enhances the immunity system and helps maintain good health.

Indian Head Massage-
Indian head massage is a traditional therapy which involves massaging of certain pressure points in the upper back, arms and shoulders. This type of spa or body massage helps release muscle tension and knots, which in turn facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body. The therapy focuses on relaxing and releasing of tension in tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulder. They further help better blood circulation in the body, eliminating any sort of blockages or knots in shoulder, neck or head. This therapy is a great stress reliever and an excellent therapeutic treatment for headache, migraine, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and back pain.

Lomi Lomi Massage –
Lomi Lomi is a very good Hawaiian spa therapy or a body massage that involves using techniques of the slow, rhythmic flow of massage strokes applying pressure with hands and elbows while making use of oil for the massage. The technique adopted for this massage typically includes massage strokes in circular, chopping, gentle pounding or kneading and finger tapping motion. With constant massage strokes using oil, the therapy helps nourish the body and enhances the overall blood circulation. Typically, the massage therapy helps keep vital systems healthy and strong. This massage, in general, is said to address issues like muscular pain, and many other physical ailments. It is a massage that promotes positive emotion, makes you feel energetic, and balances your mental and physical well-being. Practitioners of Lomi Lomi massage believe that the effect of massage lasts long after the session and promotes positive energy in a person.

Shiatsu Massage-
Shiatsu is one of the many types of body massage therapy that involves working along with the body’s energy flow. It is said to be an age-old traditional Japanese massage therapy adopted for promoting the overall well-being of a person. The technique used in this massage involves applying pressure using thumb and palm and a combination of other techniques like stretching pressing, kneading, holding and even acupuncture. The massage, in general, makes you feel relaxed and helps in the overall upliftment of your mood. Shiatsu is again another type of non-invasive treatment used for a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional conditions. It is said that the massage is an excellent therapy for eliminating muscle pain, spasm, combating stress, depression, aids digestion, stimulates the nervous system and promotes natural healing of the body.

Watsu Massage-
Watsu is a very unique type of massage therapy conducted in warm waters. It is an aquatic body workout and massage therapy for deep relaxation and healing. It is the world’s first professional aquatic body therapy that includes a combination of stretching, cradling, rocking joint mobilisation and certain elements of shiatsu conducted underwater with constant support and supervision of professionals. The massage which is an exceptionally soothing therapy provides great healing benefits to the body and promotes a range of body motion. This type of massage is very beneficial for people having arthritis and having severe joint, elbow, hands and muscle pain. The gentle stretching helps release muscle tension, align the spine and facilitates easy mobility of joints. A highly recommended therapy for people with orthopaedic, neurologic and psychological issues.

Four Hand Massage-
As the name suggests, the four-hand massage is a therapy conducted by two therapists simultaneously from head to toe in complete synchronization, using the techniques of long sweeping strokes, kneading and even stretching. It is a massage that focuses on calming your mind and body, leaving you completely relaxed and revitalized long after the session. This is said to be one of the best body spa treatment that targets specific areas of the body to relieve you from pain, muscle tension and stiffness. The technique adopts hard and deep movements that focus on the deeper layers of your body muscle, promoting complete healing of our mind and body.
Since you now have a little knowledge of each type of body massage or spa therapy you can now explore different options and experience each type of massage therapy and body treatment for your next luxury spa holiday. Get yourself revitalized and rejuvenated with the best body spa treatment from professional therapists in your city. Make sure you consult a doctor prior to an appointment in case of any sort of body ailment that you wish to cure of the therapy. A good one-hour session of massage will surely do the magic for you if done from the right therapist.

Hot Stone Massage-
A hot stone massage is a different type of spa treatment for body muscle relaxation. This therapy uses heated flat, smooth stones in their massage therapy. In this massage the hot stones are placed on various pressure points on a specific part of your body. Generally, the stones are placed along the spine, stomach, chest, face, palm and even on your feet, depending on the area of cure required. It is a traditional technique that facilitates massage to the deepest levels of muscles and tissues in your body. This technique is combined with massage using long strokes, circular motion, kneading, tapping and such similar methods. The therapist warms up your body using varying massage technique’s and ultimately using the hot stones to work on the deepest layers of muscle. The therapy works amazing for healing, blood circulation, pain relief and for reducing stress and anxiety. Any individual experiencing muscle pain, insomnia, or stress will benefit from this hot stone massage therapy. In case of a chronic condition, consult your doctor for a session of hot stone massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage-
For all those people who are suffering from fatigue, insomnia, lymphedema digestive disorder and such similar problems can opt for Lymphatic drainage massage therapy. It is a form of massage therapy that applies the technique of gentle massaging that helps the flow of lymph and reduces the toxin in the body. The body massage helps reduce swelling and improve blood circulation throughout the lymphatic system. This therapy is generally adopted for building of immunity system, cleansing and nourishing of body and for maintaining a good condition of the lymphatic system. The body therapy is used for treating a range of digestive disorders like gastrointestinal, metabolic, irritable bowel syndrome issues, various skin disorders and psychological disorders like depression, anxiety etc.

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