Nothing is more soothing to the body than a wonderful body massage, especially after a long hectic day. Body massage is a therapy which is often recommended as a luxury spa treatment to relax the mind, body and soul. It not only helps melt away the stress but also provides an experience that is pleasurable and soothing to the mind and body. However, today body massage is no longer just a luxury spa but an extremely powerful therapy that enhances the well-being of individuals. Known to offer a number of health benefits, it is today offered as an alternative therapy to relax and heal one’s body. A number of research studies state that opting for a daily full body massage promotes healing and helps improve the overall health of a person. It is a healing method that has its origins rooted in the ancient history and known for healing injuries, relieve pain, reduce stress, and such other ailments. A regular body massage with aromatic oil is said to nourish all parts of the body and ensure the well-being of the individual. In this article today, we have listed a few good reasons why a daily body massage is beneficial for an individual and how it helps in the overall well-being of a person.

Relieves stress and anxiety –

Massage is quite soothing for the mind and body. Studies have proved that body massage promotes relaxation and boosts the mood of an individual. A good one-hour session of body massage promotes the physical and emotional well-being of an individual. It is said to improve mood, reduce stress, anxiety and induce a sense of positivity in a person. It is due to these benefits why most therapists adopt body massage as a therapy to improve one’s emotional condition. Body spa is an also effective therapeutic treatment that helps heal a variety of emotional health conditions. It is, therefore, one of the most commonly adopted therapies used for relieving people suffering from stress and anxiety. It is an excellent alternative therapy that helps improve mood, reduce stress and ease anxiety in a person. A relaxation technique that typically works on calming of nerves, lowering heart rate, and promotes positivity. They are today mainstream treatments, offered in the clinic, and hospitals other than the usual massage centres and spa centres in Mumbai.

Relieves lower back pain-

Massage is usually recommended to people suffering from lower back pain. People mostly seek for a regular massage session as it helps relieve pain and improves the posture of the body Massage is said to be an effective therapy for lower back pain as the method adopted helps loosen muscles and increases the blood flow in the area. It works as a healing therapy and is said to be a good alternative to pain killers in many cases. It provides relief from pain caused due to muscle tension or strain and helps correct muscles and body posture. It is a therapy that works as a muscle relaxer and helps reduce pain and stiffness of muscle. A massage like deep tissues therapy is ideal for conditions like these and is also a proven method for relieving people from lower back pain.

Reduces pain in other parts of the body-

Massage evokes a sense of deep relaxation. A good body massage relaxes the muscles and reduces pain and spasm, thus giving a soothing effect to the overall body. It has gained popularity as an alternative therapy for body pain. Ranging from muscle contraction to muscle stiffness and spasm to nerve compression, massage helps cope with a variety of such issues that in turn helps reduce body pain. It is a therapeutic way of dealing with joint pains and muscle tension in the body. Therapists use the technique of kneading, stroking, stretching and gliding during the process of a full body massage as it helps in quick recovery and muscle relaxation. Using a combination of a variety of massage technique the therapy ensures to enhance the health of a person and reduce body pain. Generally, people suffering from back, joint shoulder or neck pain are often recommended a full body massage therapy.

Reduces Muscle tension-

An active life of an athlete often leads to muscle pull or muscle tension. This restrains the mobility of the body and reduces motion and flexibility. However, a good body massage helps ease pain, reduce muscle tension and improves the overall mobility and flexibility of the body. Tight body muscles reduce the motion and cause cramp and pain in the body. However, regular massage helps reduce build-ups and conditions the muscles to be more flexible. Regular massage helps loosen the stiff muscle, increases the blood flow and warms up the body, making it more elastic and flexible. Opting for regular massage reduces muscle tension and pain, thus decreasing the risk of injury in future.

Improves flexibility

Athletes are often recommended a full body massage therapy on a regular basis for the health benefits that it offers. As an avid athlete who is constantly active requires good flexibility in their body muscles and joints. A full body massage helps maintain flexibility and range of motion as it focuses on deep tissues and muscles of the body and promotes natural lubricants in the joints. It is recommended that people who lead an active life and are into strenuous activities need to opt for a regular body massage to ensure maximum flexibility and motion in the body. Regular massage not only provides relief from pain but also improves flexibility and prevents any sort of injury. The more flexible a person is, the less are the chances of injury or muscle strain.

Relieves tension headache-

Massage is one of the best natural treatment for headache. It is considered to be a good natural pain reliever for occasional headaches. It is even proven to be an effective treatment for migraines. To tackle issues of headache or migraine doctors suggest massage as an alternative therapy to a lot of their patients. Massage typically helps ease the muscle tension in the neck, and shoulders that often tends to be the cause of headache. Besides, a soothing massage relaxes the mind and body and induces a state of calmness in a person. This helps overcome issues of stress, anxiety, and muscle tension which are also the common causes of severe headache. Further, massage reduces tiredness and is also known to enhance the blood circulation which provides relief from sinus pressure, eye strain and headache.

Reduce depression-

Massage which is a natural therapy known for relieving stress and anxiety is also said to reduce symptoms of depression. It is said that massage therapy helps reduce physical and emotional stress while improves the overall health of a person. Studies have shown that massage helps in muscle relaxation, reduced depression and higher energy levels in a person. It boasts a sense of positivity in a person and helps improve the overall mood. Providing massage relaxes and manipulates muscles and tissues that ultimately enhances the overall energy levels in the body. Besides a good firm massage releases hormone in the body that promotes a positive emotion that improves the mood. Massage releases hormones such as the serotonin and dopamine in the body, which helps manage mood. Overall massage makes a person feel refreshed and happier and cope with symptoms of depression.

Boost your immunity –

Boost your immunity

Massage therapy helps bring in physical and emotional stability in a person. Research indicates that it also helps build a good immunity system that plays a vital role in defending the body from various diseases. Studies suggest that a mere 45-minute massage increases the white blood corpuscle cells count that plays a crucial role in building a strong immunity against diseases. Massage also has an impact on the hormonal levels in the body. It is a therapy that helps relax a person and decrease the levels of stress hormone that generally impacts the behaviour of a person. It also brings in other physical changes like reduces pain, inflammation and muscle tension and stiffness that leads to other ailments. Overall, body massage therapy on a regular basis ensures a strong immune system and healthy life for individuals.

Improves stability and quality of life in older people

Health ailments always impact the life of elderly people and disrupt their routine. However, it can be kept in check on a regular basis by scheduling a good body massage for them on a daily basis. Inclusion of massage in an elder person’s regular healthcare regimen will improve their quality of life in many ways and help them cope better with various health issues. Massage is always said to be good for ageing adults as it helps them cope with various body ailments body pain, blood pressure, muscle spasm and so on. Studies suggest that aged individuals greatly benefit from massage therapy. It is a natural therapy that aids them in the long run to overcome the physical and emotional imbalance. Regularly massage is said to calm their mind and body and lower blood pressure. It provides a better-quality life as it promotes a range of motion and flexibility in a person. Ranging from body pains to disrupted sleep and imbalance of emotions, can all be taken care of with routine massage therapy. Incorporating massage therapy as part of their daily healthcare routine can help treat chronic pain, like joints and lower back pain, improve body posture, shoulder or knee joint flexibility and such similar ailments.

Improve your overall health & well-being-

Massage therapy goes way beyond than just providing a soothing and relaxing spa. It is used as an alternative therapy in many clinics and hospitals to improve the health conditions of individuals suffering from various health ailments. Studies have proved that regular massage offers a lot of health benefits to people. It ensures a healthy lifestyle and well-being of an individual. Massage is a therapy that is said to promote natural healing and care. It helps improve the quality of life in many ways. While the therapy promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation, it also helps reduce pain, facilitates quick recovery from injuries, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressures and offers such other similar health benefits. A person receiving massage on a regular basis can cope with ailments and probably even combat conditions naturally. It is an effective therapy for improving an individual’s physical mental and emotional conditions.

Massage promotes better sleep

Regular massage is found to promote better sleep. Massage is the most natural and enjoyable remedy for people who have a problem falling asleep. It helps people relax and calm their mind, ensuring a good peaceful sleep. A simple one-hour session of a full body massage does wonders for people who are sleep deprived. Massage helps reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression which could be the cause of lack of sleep. It reduces the potential cause of the trigger and improves the quality of sleep. The technique was found to be very effective for aged people who are often sleep deprived due to the effects of various physical and mental ailments. A regular session of soothing body massage helps calm mind, relax muscles and promotes a sense of positivity and happy feeling in a person. This will surely help manage disruptive sleep patterns of individuals. Take out some quality time for relaxation and enjoy a lot of pampering with an amazing session of body massage. It will surely help the body handle stress and improve a variety of disorders, which could be the possible reason for disturbed sleep.

Massage improves digestion

One of the most common benefits of a full body massage is that it helps improve digestion. A good session of massage is said to stimulate peristalsis, that aids in the digestion process and takes care of irritable bowel syndromes, constipation or diarrhoea. Often due to stress one may experience inflammation in the gut which results in gastrointestinal issues like bloating of the abdomen, diarrhoea, or even constipation. However, a relaxing session of massage shall help an individual deal with stress and prevent such ailments. The therapy helps improve the functioning of the small and large intestine and helps normalize the digestive process in the body. Body massage is also said to help get rid of toxins in the body and increase the release of certain enzymes that promotes healthy digestion. Massage also helps unknot tensed muscles in the abdomen and makes a person feel relaxed in case they are suffering from severe abdominal pain due to indigestion. It simply eases indigestion, relaxes the abdominal muscles and ensures the process of digestion is uninterrupted.

Regulates blood sugar levels and its ill effects

Due to an imbalance in the secretion of hormonal insulin one experiences a surge in the blood sugar level or glucose levels. However, regular massage therapy helps regulate the secretion and absorption of insulin in the body and has a positive effect on blood glucose levels. The therapy also improves the blood circulation in the body which enhances oxygen and nutrients in the body cells, thus improving the utilization of the insulin by the cells. Diabetes also causes thickening of the connective tissues, resulting in stiffness of muscle, tendons and ligament that hampers range of motions. But massage therapy helps improve the flexibility of all the muscles and joints in the body. Massage is one of the most natural and safest therapy practised that ensure good health and well-being of individuals. It is an extremely effective therapy which is being increasingly adopted as an alternative therapy to improving many health ailments. A number of studies suggest that massage therapy helps in the treatment of diabetes and is being used in clinics and hospitals along with regular medical treatments.

Cuts down cellulite

Massage therapy is indeed a promising remedy that helps reduce cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. It is the best non-invasive method of getting rid of cellulite in the body. It is a therapy that works towards reducing cellulite by kneading, stroking and rolling different parts of the body and enhancing blood circulation and flow of nutrients to the areas of impact. The therapy also helps stretch skin tissue which in turn helps squeeze out the cellulite dimples. While a massage therapy alone cannot help in the complete treatment of cellulite, it, however, helps prevent further deterioration of the tissues and reduces pain and inflammation. However, it is recommended that massage therapy be adopted along with other treatments for quick recovery and improvement of conditions.

Controls blood pressure

Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways of controlling blood pressure. Studies have suggested that consistent massage therapy lowers blood pressure and also keeps a check on the stress-hormone level that causes fluctuation in blood pressure. Studies also suggest that getting a massage normalizes the nervous system which also causes a rise in blood pressure in response to stress. However, the research on the correlation of blood pressure and massage is fairly limited, but there is evidence that does suggest that massage helps in stress management which in turn keeps a check on the blood pressure.

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